Sunday, December 09, 2012

Buy New Music For Christmas! Kerry's rundown of her pals' releases

Level of conviction in own genius: 7
Hours of creative activity in last 24: 2
Watching /Listening: 'The Killing', like the predictable middle-class artsy boxset-loving Guardo-reading lass I am / Cerys on 6Music, who has just played excellent National Jazz Trio of Scotland alternative Crimble EP
Hair Day: APPALLINGLY long, by my standards. Which is very short by most other people's.

I thought I'd compile a list of friends' releases this year, that you should really consider buying as Christmas presents for your most discerning nearest and dearest. What better way to give than by supporting some of the UK's finest alternative musicians? YES.

Firefly Burning - Lightships
Easily one of my favourite live bands, this Portico Quartet-meets-Arcade Fire-meets-Fleet Foxes produce totally sublime, folky and complex music that makes you slightly weep.

Jimmy Rosso - 32:32

My DOLLYman compadre Jimmy in his solo debut, which is a more experimental, spooky, glitchy mixture of James Blake, Bon Iver and Panda Bear.

Tom Hewson - Slightly Peculiar
Blissed-out solo jazz piano debut, inspired by Messiaen, Bill Evans and John Taylor.

Sam Lee - Ground of Its Own
2012 was a runaway success for folk troubadour Sam, who was hardly been off the radio or awards circuit since the summer. Beautiful arrangements including shruti box, Japanese koto, jew's harp, wound around Sam's melting croon on a bunch of traditional songs.

Roshi Feat. Pars Radio - Don't Breathe It To A Soul
Ethereal electronica inspired by a silent movie, with digital remixes from Pere Ubu's David Thomas, Gargarin, Now, and ME, in my Fisher-Price first remix (under my You Are Wolf moniker)! Also available as a limited edition 7" vinyl.

Lazy Habits - Lazy Habits
If you haven't seen these chaps live, you've not lived! The Habits' UK hip hop/brassfunk finally lands in their long-awaited debut.

Gabriel Jackson/Vasari Singers - Requiem

Wicked choral composer, BBC Singers Associate Composer and British Composer Award-winning Gabriel Jackson celebrated his 50th birthday this year. Here's the Vasari Singers in the first recording of his Requiem.

Anna Meredith - Black Prince Fury
Re-released on the Moshi Moshi label, this is brilliantly edgy composer Anna's electronica debut.

Have Yourself a DOLLYDOLLY Christmas
And I'll squeeze in one of my own: DOLLYman's rather alternative Christmas EP. From wild squealy 'O Come All Ye Faithful' to fall-over-lovely medleys, you KNOW it makes sense!

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