Monday, August 22, 2011

Swimming Pool Poems 1

I wrote a little collection of poems whilst in France, with a diet of one a day, written whilst sitting on a sun lounger and occasionally hurling myself into the pool. Here's the first instalment:

August 8th 2011


after the pen-lift
it is still
veining out
into its Antarctica

August 9th 2011

les orangers
for Rob and Theresa

in a heart-light blue gaze

under trees
bunched with bees and berries

in a garden
of throat-pink songbursts

August 10th 2011

Portrait of Andy Reading ‘Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power’ by Robert Dallek (On A Lilo)

you drift on words
which form in wind and water
spooling phrases slip off
and over each other, lithe as eels

lit for a second
they flit in parallel
darning themselves
into their new wet world

with each new page
the word-eels congregate
their liquid tussle making
a dark door beneath you

August 12th 2011

Early Evening Swim, Antibes

on your back, you’re a sweet self-crucifixion in salt

the church sucks its bells like boiled sweets
shadows long for their beginnings
the horizon wells up, more water than mountain

you leave a shape as if you have lain there all night

August 13th 2011

Love Song To A Sun-Umbrella By A Mistaken Bee

oh Bright ZigZag GianteSS
GoddeSS of bloodberry and polkadot
I lovelorn fumble in your SkirtS
you taste –

August 13th 2011

Dream No. 1:

A barn owl asks for milk
with his pebble-clack beak:
I steal it from a newsagents
and let him drink, my fingers
in his ruff, airy as whisked egg-whites

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