Friday, February 11, 2011

You Are Wolf does the Vortex!

Hours of creative activity achieved in last 24: 3
Watching: Being Human, the British attempt at Buffy
Hair Day:  leftover temporary red hints
Things I Can See From My Flat Window No. 7: that nasty tall building at Elephant and Castle which looks like a crap digital watch

My spring term of high-octane freelancery continues, amidst a whirlwind of meetings with tv producers and opera people, PR agencies for You Are Wolf, organising juice's week in America (a gig now sorted in New York before we go to SXSW in Austin!), violently knocking a carol into some sort of shape to be published, recording a track with Metamorphic at Hackney's finest studio The Premises (Madness rehearsing next door) and trying to squeeze in composition of my 20-minute piece for City Chorus. Somewhere in the next week I have to ferret out some time to dash off a quick juice piece too, to be in honour of Anna's daughter Molly and her best friend, the very funky yet eerily inanimate Monkey. 

Last week I made my Vortex debut, with You Are Wolf supporting the cream of London's music-workshop-leader world who distil their folk-Reich genius into the band Firefly. The guys were launching their debut album, lightships, which you can download here.  We had a lovely rehearsal stitching our two worlds together for two of my folk songs, and two of their originals to add to the mix. The gig itself was an unusually petrifying experience: something about the auspiciousness of the venue, the sell-out crowd, the lack of reverb and the pin-drop hush, and possibly the cup of tea I'd just had made me something of a caffeine-riddled jellyfish, unable to quell my quiveriness throughout my set. Hopefully I got away with it; I think my best moment was my try-out of Miss Otis Regrets, complete with clinking cutlery and ringing wine glass... There's a right nice review of the gig here!

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