Thursday, December 10, 2009

You ARE Wolf - ACTION!

Level of conviction in own genius: 9
Amount of creative activity achieved in last 24 hours: 6
Reading: Shiny magazines full of fashion and art like a big GIRL
Hair day: Brilliant - Barry has updated my purple/blonde fringe which I am currently fashioning into a sort of hairsprayed-to-the-max ski-slope. YES!

I had my first taste of music video stardom yesterday in my You Are Wolf guise, at a lovely studio in London Fields, with mate Phil (who runs Kash Creative) directing. We chose 'all things are quite silent' from my very very impending EP, as folk songs don't normally get a high-glam animation makeover. I had great fun being prodded and tweaked and sewed-in by stylist Charlotte and make-up artist Callie, doing my best to get over having my facial blemishes and super-wobbliest bits scrutinised closely by two beautiful girls. Charlotte popped me into a long grey clingy dress that made my cleavage look, well, extremely cleavage-y, , then sewed a load of peacock feathers to one shoulder strap, whilst Callie made my cheeks all autumn-leaf-like and plopped a huge brown feathery fake eyelash on one eye. I, being a fake eyelash virgin, was quite proud of being able to keep my composure what with feeling like a huge house was stapled to my lid. My second look was sort of mad-sea-mermaid-clown, with shiny dress and big neck ruff, which Charlotte added to with LED lights for extra hilarity, plus greeny sequins glued to one side of my face. Ha ha! Oh yes, and as well as being all dressed up for hours, I did actually get filmed singing to camera a lot, all the while hoping I conveyed a sense of glowery, ethereal moodiness and not psychopathic misery, whilst Charlotte was on Tummy Watch, keen-eyed on my silhouette which veered from slimmish (hoisted in, holding my breath for dear life) to 3 months pregnant (my normal look. And I'm not pregnant). It was all shot on a green screen, as most of the vid will be lovely animation/illustration; more news to come!

In other news, juice have done about a thousand gigs encompassing Belfast, Soho, Kingston (the London one) and more, all accompanied by the happy tap-tap of Scrabble letter on travel Scrabble board, which is transpiring to be our new, madly rock 'n' roll addiction. I had a nice wee You Are Wolf slot at Folk and Roots magazine's newish club night, Monday Monday, at the Wilmington Arms in Clerkenwell, on, er, Monday. You can watch two vids (and check out the hair) here and here. Enjoy!

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