Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Level of conviction in own genius: 6
Amount of creative activity achieved in last 24 hours: 1 hour
Watching: Obama's speech on the Guardo online
Hair Day: Greasy quiff

I know it's obvious to blog about this today rather than the usual Kerry's musical headlines, but HELL, Obama's amazing victory is such a joy. I gave up quite soon last night in exasperation over the complete lack of information on the late BBC news and Jeremy Vine's ludicrous 'The Day Today'-on-acid graphics, so instead watched bits of Obama's victory speech this morning whilst, I'm slightly embarrassed to say, sobbing slightly into my bran flakes: well dammit, his resonant rhetoric is so convincing! And of course the whole thing over the water is far more glamorous than our pithy little elections, where parties button their boxy suits and swap places overnight, knuckling down to all our teeny tiny little policies: he'll get to basically rule the world by (erm, well, hopefully) sorting out their US economy, making the right environmental decisions and getting the fuck out of Iraq. Hhm, perhaps I've got a little carried away, but at last there'll be a man with a brain in his head in the White House in January.

Probably less people will be currently celebrating Wycombe Wanderers' startling position of being the only club in the professional league, thanks to Spurs getting two past Liverpool, to still be unbeaten. Am rather addicted to the footy at the mo, and not just Torres' most beguiling freckles: I can think of nothing better than MOTD2 on Sunday nights under the duvet in the living room. My beloved WW are rather less exposed in League Two so I have to restrict myself to jumping up and down in front of Final Score. Is it worrying that I'll probably be MORE jubilant if we get promoted this year than last night's transatlantic result?

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