Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wycombe come home

Current level of conviction in own genius: 6
Amount of creative activity acheived in last 24 hours: if you count watching Soccer Aid as creative activity, 90 mins.
Hair day: Like trendy iron filings. Am besotted with new hair straighteners.

So, after a resplendent first half of season in which they lorded it over League Two and reigned over even Chelsea's moneyed himbos in the length of their unbeaten run, my beloved Wycombe sagged quietly down into the play-offs, just about holding onto 6th place. Having managed to see no football on telly this season due to a) working on Saturdays and b) rabid social life, it was only right and fair that I would completely miss what seems to have been an FA Cup match of gladatorially dramatic proportions in favour of persuading Andy's buddies Jessica and John up the road to let us hog their sofa and force them to watch WWFC play Cheltenham in the play-off first leg on Sky Sports 2. It was a damply dull game for the most part, we lost 2-1, and then sighed despondently out in the second leg in a 0-0 draw. When I first supported Wycombe, Martin O'Neill was our Lord and Master, I saw them play at Wembley three times in three years, we went up two divisions in two years and I was wrapped in a permanently joyous blue bliss. Alas, no more. Sob. Still, only a game and all that.

In composition news: I have two private commissions being premiered in the summer: one is a memorial to the commissionee's sculptor mother and is being performed by ace prof counter-tenor Nick Clapton; the other commemorates the victims of the July 7th bombings and should be heard on Radio 4. Actually providing people with pieces that perform a function, rather than being some piece for some orchestra for some competition, is really very professionally fulfilling.

In other groovy arts news: juice's Cargo gig looms ever nearer, with the girls doing very strange things to small toys (no, not that strange...) in aid of doing some visuals; fuseleeds06 festival gig went very nicely; we were in Music Teacher magazine (like Dazed and Confused, expect without the arch writing and high fashion, and more articles about using xylophones in Key Stage 1); we're hopefully playing the Spitz in July! And we're currently on Danish radio online!

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