Tuesday, December 06, 2005

house-hunting high and low

december 6th

Current level of conviction in own genius: 7.5
Amount of creative activity achieved in last 24 hours: 30 mins
Hair day: rather weighty and lacking in zest. am considering adventurous colour like a few slices of fuschia pink (am sure that'll go down a scream at school)

Phew. Currently counting down the resolutely-crawling hours until end of term, which is still several light years away, and stuffed to the gizzards with nativity plays and carol-singing to accompany, parties and assembly performances, all complete with fawning parents cooing over their babies' crowning moments in the spotlight. Amidst that am starting hefty flatsearch, what with Andy and I moving up east. We are curently mulling over two wildly different properties, an a) super-cute bijou basement flat in Stepney which'll allow us to enjoy cosy posho living and b) a preposterously large, drafty, tatty-round-the-edges 2-bed with not one but TWO utterly soundproof cellars which we could transform into a studio-cum-rehearsal
-cum-pottery-installation-room and still have room for the extensive poetry library upstairs. Argh. Either way, shall be leaving the beery, shouty, weed-reeking bosom of Brixton and the deep south for a while, with its handily near venues such as the Academy, the Telegraph (where we boogied to great rock-rap live act Shorty at the Campaign Against Arms Trade party on Sat)and the Dogstar (where we sighed to acousticy guitar-soothes on Sun) a mere skip and jump away. There is, however, compensation in the form of the mulleted Shoho and its countless pubs/bars/clubs/coffee-houses/boho art lounge galleriesjust a casual, over-swaggering stroll down the road...

In creative news, have had a couple of very positive rejections (ah, I'm a regular Pollyanna) from publishers giving me other names to send genius football book proposal to. I have been helping kids' co. theatre rites audition for singers, involving hilarious role plays which has revealed me to be comic master of the stage. juice had a kick-ass gig in Dartington and have now, most hopping-excitedly, bagged a gig at the lovely Cargo in Shoreditch next May. Ultra-cool fame breathily beckons once more...

peace out x

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