Wednesday, June 01, 2005


june 1st

Current level of conviction in own genius (out of 10): 6
Hours of creative activity achieved in last 24 hours: 0
Hair day: blonde. Very, very blonde. Peroxided it to buggery 4 times. A bird passing overhead might mistake me for a small cornfield and I’m considering a new career as a human torch, but hell! It’s more interesting than mid-brown.

Since I last blogged I have, somewhat miraculously given my previously spectacular lack of success, managed to acquire a job. Hurrah! In a speedy two days, I applied for a part-time primary school music teaching job, got a phone call, went in and taught a lesson, had an interview and was offered the job practically on the spot. Having been around a few roughish schools on my travels, and had friends teaching in the kind of establishments where torrents of abuse and often lockers are thrown at you on a daily basis, I’m rather gleeful that I’ve bagged St. Saviour’s, a haven of colourful calm in leafy, posho, canal-threaded Little Venice. The staff wear tranquil smiles and the kids are a cute and polite mixture of rich mop tops and slightly more raggedy estate kids. My interview lesson was a dream, my docile little class filing in, sitting automatically in rows with that funny high-crossed-arms-straining-to-be-good pose, and when I beamed ‘hello!’, all eerily chorused ‘Hello, Miss Andrew’, having clearly been briefed beforehand. Ho ho. It’s a C of E school, governed by a thankfully funky seeming Simon Schama-specced vicar called Gary, (meaning - ha! - I’ll be demurely at Mass every Monday), so is hardly a cutting-edge Shoho media job or anything, but I think it’ll be fun and rewarding. It starts in September, with a few days’ work this term co-ordinating their (bless) Expressive Arts Concert, and I reckon I’ll be ok til then what with various bits and pieces.

So THANK GOODNESS! Feel much more rejuvenated and back on my feet after being slapped about the face with so much rejection. Am ready to rock all summer, get back into old York-style routine of yoga and porridge and PhD write-up and extreme self-promotion and creating new things and summer walks and odd bits of teaching and gigging. Back where I belong, for the moment at least….


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